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Portrait Sessions

“So, there I was, faced with a multitude of umbrella lights and a single camera in the middle of them, starring me down.  I was forced to sit on a fake rock in front of a grey sheet, and no matter how I sat it just wasn’t right for the guy behind the camera.  Sit up straighter.  Put your hand there.  No, there.  Okay, smile!  I left the spot feeling a bit uncomfortable and, sure enough, the final prints reflected it, awkward smile and all.”   – James Shuler, Ages 5-18

Do you have a similarly uncomfortable photography story?  We’ve all been there.  I started this business to show that portrait sessions can be fun!  I want the pictures you receive to show your real smile, your family’s love for one another, your child’s laughter.  Are you a teen looking for a senior portrait?  Let’s do it!  You can be ART.  These aren’t just some photos that you will want to put on your Facebook profile then replace 1 month later.  I want these to be special, ones that you will fill your home with and share with future generations!

Currently, I am available for the following session types:

  • Family Portraits
  • Child Portraits
  • Senior/Teen Portraits

For all of my portrait session, you can expect:

  1. A comfortable setting
  2. Natural backdrops
  3. Friendly conversation
  4. Plenty of smiles
  5. Plenty of laughter

Simply put, if you’re having fun, the pictures will show it.

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