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Stephens Family – Natural Light Photography

I love Cedarock Park in the Fall.  It’s one of the easiest places to meet clients and there are just so many great spots.  Unfortunately, it is also usually pretty crowded, especially when the weather is PERFECT like it was for this shoot.  The Stephens Family are always a lot of fun and it shows in their smiles.  The kids enjoy running around and we gave them plenty of opportunities this time.  The youngest one liked being in control so when he got to pull the cart he was all for it.  Check the slideshow below for more photos from this session!


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Patterson Family – Natural Light Photography

Happy New Year !  Fall of 2013 was a very busy one for me.  I am just now getting to updating the blog with some of the fabulous sessions, including this one with the Patterson Family!   I enjoyed chatting with the kids about their musical interests and how different school for them is from when I was there age.  I’m getting old you guys – after all, I am approaching 30!  We had a lot of fun walking around Coker Arboretum.  Despite the vanishing sunlight and frat parties happening in close proximity, we had a great time!


I tried some new editing techniques with these photos.  Blemishes and facial inconsistencies are normal and certainly natural, but they do not define who you are!  I did not want to do an “extreme makeover” and achieve a Barbie look, but I did want to enhance the smile and smooth the skin.  I also whitened the teeth, added a bit of sparkle to the eyes, and brightened some of the harsh shadows.  Think of it as applying digital foundation!  When the clients saw the photos they loved them.

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